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Taste the Terroir of Connecticut Honey

** UPDATE **

Unfortunately, this month’s Taste the Terroir of Connecticut Honey has been cancelled.  Please stay tuned as we announce future events.

The Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association’s (CT NOFA) mission is to ensure the growth and viability of organic agriculture, organic food, and organic land care in Connecticut.  They envision a healthy, organic Connecticut founded on ecologically, socially and economically just principles.

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, CT NOFA will be presenting a guided tasting of Connecticut honeys with Connecticut beekeeper, author and honey sommelier Marina Marchese. Continue reading Taste the Terroir of Connecticut Honey

Comb Honey

Have you ever tasted Comb Honey?

Comb Honey is a delicious way to enjoy your organic honey. It adds a new dimension to your honey experience by adding a familiar taste to a new texture!

Here’s Some Food Network Ideas

  • Place a chunk of honeycomb over a bowl of warm oatmeal, pancakes or waffles.
  • Slather a baguette with Brie, then top with chunks of honeycomb.
  • Add a few small chunks of honeycomb to an otherwise conventional grilled ham and cheese.
  • Make a salad of arugula, grilled chicken and slivered almonds. Top with crumbled soft goat cheese and small chunks of honeycomb.
  • Make a ragingly spicy chili, then serve each bowl with a chunk of honeycomb and a blob of sour cream in the center. The honeycomb will slowly melt into the chili, working with the sour cream to tame the heat ever so slightly.
  • Top thick slabs of angel food cake with whipped cream, then top that with a chunk of honeycomb.

Of course, while comb honey is fun to crunch there are a few considerations you should note. If you have braces, crowns or veneers there’s a good chance the wax may stick to your teeth. So brush after this meal, your dentist will thank you =)


Honey Comb Collage


Cream Honey

What is Creamed Honey?

Ever notice honey getting thick and solid when left intact in a cool environment? If so, it’s not magic (well, sort of), it’s the honey crystalizing!

There are a few safe methods for bringing your honey back to a Cream Honeyliquid state, or… you can enjoy the honey as creamed honey! Creamed honey – also referred to as spun, whipped or churned honey-  is crystalized honey made into a texture perfect for using as a spread.

We enjoy using creamed honey on crackers, fruits, toast and more!

Our process for making creamed/spun/whipped honey is painstakingly old-fashioned but organic and efficient. We grab the honey straight from the honey combs and add it to some crystalized honey.  We then use a hand mixer and mix the crystalized and liquid honey. We then store the mixed honey for a few days to a week and the result is delicious, fluffy, hand spun/whipped/creamed honey!

Cream Honey Large

How would you enjoy yours?

Check out the Retailers Tab above to pick up a jar of Connecticut grown (Litchfield County) Honey!


Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt Recipe in Under TEN Minutes

Know what we love about Spring and Summer? Fresh fruits and veggies! Especially when we spend so much time planting and caring for these beauties. Well, whether you have a farm like us, a small garden at home, access to a local farmer’s market, or a supermarket nearby, this quick and easy recipe is sure to delight!

And yes, its light AND nutritional.  Continue reading Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt Recipe in Under TEN Minutes

Honey Glazed Carrot and Parsnip

Do you enjoy eating fresh? No, we’re not talking about that sandwich chain. We’re talking about fresh off the farm fruits and veggies. Well, we at Autumn Harvest Orchard, LLC love eating fresh and providing organic and healthy produce to our community. Check out this FoodNetwork.com recipe for Honey Glazed Carrot and Parsnip.

Get the recipe for Honey Glazed Carrot and Parsnip via @FoodNetwork:

Source: Honey Glazed Carrot and Parsnip : Jamie Deen : Food Network

Looking for some organic and farm fresh Connecticut honey? Check out our honey here.

Autumn Harvest Honey 904

Courtesy of WoodyThings.com.