The Trick To a Healthy Spring

The Trick To a Healthy Spring? Get Your Trees Ready To Bed Down Now

Whether you have a home garden or large farm, you can benefit preparing for next year’s crops TODAY. And despite the frigid temperatures, it may not be too late yet! We read an article by Lee Reich from Associated Press (via The Republican-American) titled Getting Trees Ready To Bed Down which provides some very valuable tips for nurturing a healthy crop this upcoming season. Click on the article for the full details, but here’s the summary:

  • Don’t prune, don’t fertilize, don’t water.
  • Avoid sunscald.
  • Add organic mulch such as wood chips, straw, leaves or pine needles spread at the foot of a tree, shrub or vine to help woody plants in winter.
  • Watch out for mice.
  • Your woody plants’ final winter accessory is some sort of “perfume” to keep deer at bay.

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