Organic Growing Practices

The Autumn Harvest Orchard follows USDA rules for organic agriculture. This means that we use farming practices that promote healthy soils, reduce pests, and protect our environment. Our goal is to produce the  highest quality, freshest, local, organic grown food we can for local food fans in western Connecticut.

Autumn Orchard Harvest PumpkinsAutumn Orchard Harvest

We employ Integrated Pest Management, a system whereby farmers familiarize themselves with the life cycles of pests and control them with the least possible hazard to the environment. What Joanne didn’t know from experience, she learned through education. Joanne consults with the Cornell University and University of Connecticut extension services, takes seminars on plant ecology, pruning and business practices.

Our produce is all grown organically and we ensures that everything is harvested and handled hygienically from the field to the consumer. Whenever possible, we use environmental packaging like cornstarch bags to package vegetables and sugarcane containers for the blueberries.

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