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Fresh Veggies in Your Kitchen All Winter Long

Below are some tips and tricks to keep Connecticut Grown in your kitchen all winter long.

Visit your winter farmers’ markets.

Many farmers’ markets continue through the winter. View the Connecticut 2017/2018 Holiday and Winter markets here.

Store your products.

Hard winter squashes can keep for up to six months in a cool, dry storage space. While canning and freezing are other great options, you can still have fresh squash long into the winter if you stock up now and store it properly, but don’t be tempted to put them in the refrigerator. Check out Oregon State Extension Service’s guide to storing squash at home. Other products that store well include potatoes (make sure you keep them in the dark), radishes (without tops), parsnips, turnips, and many other root vegetables. Continue reading Fresh Veggies in Your Kitchen All Winter Long

Your Honey is Online

Organic Raw Connecticut Honey

We at Autumn Harvest Orchard LLC collect local, pure, natural Autumn Harvest Honey 904 wildflower and apple honey. We are a member of the Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association (CT NOFA) and the Connecticut Beekeepers Association since 2005. We are an all organic apple orchard, and a vegetable and berry farm. Unlike many other honey producers, our hives are carefully tended to and located right on our farm. Continue reading Your Honey is Online

The Trick To a Healthy Spring

The Trick To a Healthy Spring? Get Your Trees Ready To Bed Down Now

Whether you have a home garden or large farm, you can benefit preparing for next year’s crops TODAY. And despite the frigid temperatures, it may not be too late yet! We read an article by Lee Reich from Associated Press (via The Republican-American) titled Getting Trees Ready To Bed Down which provides some very valuable tips for nurturing a healthy crop this upcoming season. Click on the article for the full details, but here’s the summary:
Continue reading The Trick To a Healthy Spring