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Organic Growing Practices

The Autumn Harvest Orchard follows USDA rules for organic agriculture. This means that we use farming practices that promote healthy soils, reduce pests, and protect our environment. Our goal is to produce the  highest quality, freshest, local, organic grown food we can for local food fans in western Connecticut.

Autumn Orchard Harvest PumpkinsAutumn Orchard Harvest

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Meet Your Farmer

Like many small-scale, direct market farmers, Joanne did not grow up on a farm. She grew up gardening at the family home in Massachusetts. After graduating college and joining the military for over 20 years she arrived in Connecticut. Joanne continued her passion by making her vision a reality and purchasing the land that is now called Autumn Harvest Orchards, LLC. Her mission is to provide a healthy legacy for the next generation and agriculture was a means to that end.

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