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Now you KNOW we’ve had this day circled on our calendar for quite a while. Whether you know it or not, May 13th is National Apple Pie Day! We at Autumn Harvest Orchard, LLC grow some of the tastiest apples in New England (even if we’re a little biased ourselves).

  NATIONAL APPLE PIE DAY National Apple Pie Day, “America’s  favorite dessert” , is celebrated annually on May 13th. The first apple pie recipe printed was in England in 1381.


Do you have a favorite Apple Pie Recipe?

Here’s a few of our favorite Organic Apple Pie Recipes, enjoy!

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar: 13 Steps 

Why would you want to make Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar is an all-natural product reputed to have numerous healthy benefits. Some examples are boosting immune systems and increasing stamina. This inexpensive recipe takes approximately 7 months to make. Check out the step-by-step instructions below. Continue reading How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar: 13 Steps 

The Trick To a Healthy Spring

The Trick To a Healthy Spring? Get Your Trees Ready To Bed Down Now

Whether you have a home garden or large farm, you can benefit preparing for next year’s crops TODAY. And despite the frigid temperatures, it may not be too late yet! We read an article by Lee Reich from Associated Press (via The Republican-American) titled Getting Trees Ready To Bed Down which provides some very valuable tips for nurturing a healthy crop this upcoming season. Click on the article for the full details, but here’s the summary:
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Classic Red Candy Apple Recipe!

If you’re like me, Candy apples definitely awaken significant memories of your childhood, growing up the only two times a year candy apples were available were in the summer time at Playland amusement park, and in the fall when my dad used to bring some home from the corner store. In recent years candy apples have become somewhat unattainable, mostly because these old fashioned crimson treats are becoming a forgotten thing of the past. So I set out to find a recipe that would transport my palette as well as my senses and sure enough, I did! -The Bronx Baker

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