High Tunnel Update

Hope you’re all having a terrific start to the summer!

We’ve had a few drawbacks and some leaps forward. This weekend we attempted to attach the green house cover but the conditions weren’t ideal. We experienced some wind and this made the  green house plastic cover act like a Kite. We’re lucky we didn’t get tossed around or get hurt =)

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Introducing Our High Tunnel

We are happy to announce that our High Tunnel Addition is
complete! For a majority of 2016 we’ve been building a high tunnel to help us prolong the harvest season.

Adding a high tunnel will allow us to start planting sooner, help keep pests away, and allow us to harvest later into the year.

We will be sharing behind the scenes footage of the structure going up, as well as the amazing new crops we’ll be planting and harvesting during the 2017 season. Continue reading Introducing Our High Tunnel

Taste the Terroir of Connecticut Honey

** UPDATE **

Unfortunately, this month’s Taste the Terroir of Connecticut Honey has been cancelled.  Please stay tuned as we announce future events.

The Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association’s (CT NOFA) mission is to ensure the growth and viability of organic agriculture, organic food, and organic land care in Connecticut.  They envision a healthy, organic Connecticut founded on ecologically, socially and economically just principles.

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, CT NOFA will be presenting a guided tasting of Connecticut honeys with Connecticut beekeeper, author and honey sommelier Marina Marchese. Continue reading Taste the Terroir of Connecticut Honey