Creamed Honey

What is Creamed Honey?

Ever notice honey getting thick and solid when left intact in a cool environment? If so, it’s not magic (well, sort of), it’s the honey crystalizing!

There are a few safe methods for bringing your honey back to a Cream Honeyliquid state, or… you can enjoy the honey as creamed honey! Creamed honey – also referred to as spun, whipped or churned honey-  is crystalized honey made into a texture perfect for using as a spread.

We enjoy using creamed honey on crackers, fruits, toast and more!

Our process for making creamed/spun/whipped honey is painstakingly old-fashioned but organic and efficient. We grab the honey straight from the honey combs and add it to some crystalized honey.  We then use a hand mixer and mix the crystalized and liquid honey. We then store the mixed honey for a few days to a week and the result is delicious, fluffy, hand spun/whipped/creamed honey!

Cream Honey Large

How would you enjoy yours?

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