Did You Know…?

There are numerous reasons for adding honey to your diet. If you want the most bang for your efforts though, consuming local honey can maximize the benefits.

“If you’re suffering from a cold or something going on in the throat or upper airways, getting on board with honey syrup will help fight infection and soothe membranes”- Ariane Cometa, MD

Fight off colds and soothe your throat by adding local honey to your diet. Some ways you can add honey to your diet are:

  • add a tablespoon to a cup of tea
  • glaze your favorite desert with it
  • substitute honey for sugar
  • add honey to your fresh smoothies

We are proud to have our very own Connecticut grown honey, Autumn Harvest Honey w bear square_Fotorcultivated. grown and harvested right on our grounds here at Autumn Harvest Orchard.

Interested in tasting the delicious and nutty flavor of our honey? Contact us or stop by one of our honey tastings (occasionally held at the New Morning Market). Ready to pick up a jar or two? Contact us directly or visit one of our retailers and ask for Autumn Harvest Orchard honey.


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