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Meet Your Farmer

Like many small-scale, direct market farmers, Joanne did not grow up on a farm. She grew up gardening at the family home in Massachusetts. After graduating college and joining the military for over 20 years she arrived in Connecticut. Joanne continued her passion by making her vision a reality and purchasing the land that is now called Autumn Harvest Orchards, LLC. Her mission is to provide a healthy legacy for the next generation and agriculture was a means to that end.

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Welcome to the Autumn Harvest Orchard!

We grow fresh, local and natural produce here in Norfolk, Connecticut. 

If you’re from the north/western/central Connecticut area, check out our organic orchard! We offer organic and fresh produce to help you stay safe and healthy.  Check out  where you can buy our produce, where we participate in area farmers’ markets and learn about our partnerships with local retailers and restaurants!

Autumn Orchard Harvest Pumpkins Autumn Orchard Harvest  Blueberries

Thank you for your support!

Autumn Harvest Orchards, LLC has arrived online

Autumn Harvest Orchard

Thank you for checking out our site. Here at Autumn Harvest Orchard we work hard to provide you with natural, non GMO products that you can be proud to serve your family. We I will be publishing content such as good agricultural practices, tips and tricks to farming (and gardening) as well as recipes you can put on your table.