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Classic Red Candy Apple Recipe!

If you’re like me, Candy apples definitely awaken significant memories of your childhood, growing up the only two times a year candy apples were available were in the summer time at Playland amusement park, and in the fall when my dad used to bring some home from the corner store. In recent years candy apples have become somewhat unattainable, mostly because these old fashioned crimson treats are becoming a forgotten thing of the past. So I set out to find a recipe that would transport my palette as well as my senses and sure enough, I did! -The Bronx Baker

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Pick Your Own Apples

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked apple. Autumn Harvest Orchard Apple Picking Collage1Especially when you get to select the apple and pick it yourself! Here at Autumn Harvest Orchard  you can build some great memories and indulge in fresh, healthy apples locally grown in Connecticut. Just bring your appetite, some comfortable foot ware, and get to pickin’.  Continue reading Pick Your Own Apples

Fall Apple of the month

Our Fall Apple of the month, “Liberty”, is a Macoun parentage.

Liberty was developed at the famous Geneva Research Station in the 1960s.  It is derived from Macoun, and is very much a McIntosh-style apple, with red skin and juicy flesh. The flavor is well balanced, perhaps sharper than many of the Mac-related varieties but still with the characteristic vinous note.  Its other parent is an un-named research variety derived from Malus floribunda, from which it inherits resistance to scab.

It is grown quite widely in the eastern US, and is being promoted as a good variety for the backyard grower.

There is some evidence that Liberty is a triploid variety, with 3 sets of chromosomes instead of the usual 2 – or perhaps a partial triploid.  However it does not possess many of the typical features seen in triploid varieties (such as large size and vigour).


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